Weather Wizard
Weather Wizard Liam McIntyre-1
General Information
Real name: Mark Mardon
Media: The Flash
Portrayed by: Liam McIntyre
Equipment: Weather Wand



Mark Mardon also known as The Weather Wizard is The Older Brother of the late Clyde Mardon. He is also a Metahuman and has Weather Manipulation Powers allowing him to control the weather. His Younger Brother was also a Metahuman as well and had the same type of Powers. For a time he and his Younger Brother were well known Criminal Thieves of Central City known as The Mardon Brothers. He is also a Member of Captain Cold's Team The Rogues.

Revenge Against Joe West

Mardon returns to Central City, wanting revenge against Joe West for the death of his brother. To stop his attack, Cisco Ramon creates the Weather Wand, a device that sucks up excess electrons in the atmosphere and blocks Mardon's atmokinesis. Nevertheless, Mardon launches his attack on Joe at the Central City Police Department and leaves Captain David Singh badly injured when he is struck by lightning after pushing Joe out of the way. Joe and Eddie Thawne search for Mardon in his and Clyde's old hideout, but Joe is sucked out of the building by Mardon and tied up on a boat as Mardon forces him to watch Iris die in the aftermath of a devastating tsunami he summons. Barry Allen runs as fast as he can along the coastline to stop the tsunami, but ends up punching a hole in the fabric of time and resets that day's events, including Mardon's revenge scheme.

Capture and Escape

Barry, using his knowledge of what happened in the alternate timeline, speeds to the Mardon hideout and captures Mardon before he can do any harm to Joe, Iris or the Central City citizens. Mardon is placed in The Pipeline and is not seen again until Barry decides to move the metahumans to Lian Yu as the particle accelerator reactivated by Eobard Thawne will kill them. Mardon and the incarcerated metahumans are transferred out in a delivery truck modified to nullify their powers and prevent escape. However, Captain Cold (who previously agreed to help Barry transfer them to Lian Yu in exchange for his records erased), secretly sabotaged the truck and helped the metahumans, including Mardon, escape in hopes they will join him as members of The Rogues.

Powers and Abilities




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