Wade Eiling
Wade Eiling Clancy Brown
General Information
Real name: Wade Eiling
Media: The Flash
Portrayed by: Clancy Brown



Wade Eiling also known as General Wade Eiling or The General is The Former Commanding Offer of Bette Sans Souci. However now he is hunting her down as The Leader of a Black Ops Army Team hoping to use her as their own personal human weapon.

Controlled by Gorilla Grodd

After revealing his knowledge that Barry Allen is The Flash due to seeing Barry's uncovered face right before Bette's death, Eobard Thawne has Gorilla Grodd abduct Eiling in the sewers, where he is subjected to Grodd's mind control and poses as a criminal donned in body armor robbing cars. Eiling is placed in the The Pipeline and remains there until Grodd is defeated when he is hit by a subway train while fighting Barry, causing Eiling to snap out of his trance. Eiling remarks to Barry that they now have a common enemy in Thawne. 

Powers and Abilities

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The Flash


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