Velocity 9
Cisco Ramon Carlos Valdes Trajectory Allison Paige Jesse Chambers Violett Beane Harrison Wells Earth 2 Tom Cavanagh and Caitlin Snow Danielle Panabaker
General Information
Official name: Velocity 9
First Appearance: The Flash
Type: Drug
Used by: Zoom
Jesse Quick



Velocity 9 is a extremely dangerous Speed Drug that either enhances Speedsters Powers for Metahumans of Earth 1 and Metahumans of Earth 2 or it creates new Metahumans when normal humans take the Drug. The Speed Drug was created and developed by a combination of 4 People from 2 Earths Hunter Zolomon and Harrison Wells from Earth 2 and Caitlin Snow and Eliza Harmon from Earth 1. There has been a Total of 9 Version of The Speed Drug but beyond giving it's User Superhuman Speed it would end up kill it's User or slowly kill them.



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