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Bart Allen Edit

Hey Superman Prime its Rod12 from the Green Lantern Wiki site thanks for visiting my site for The Flash its one of the other sites that I'm incharge of. I basically have the same job here being the Head Admin and being the guy incharge and running the site. I wanted to thank you work your editing work on the Bart Allen page I just had to delete the 2-Images you uploaded because funny enough the image was uploaded on the site already and it was located in the The Flash (Bart Allen)/Gallery page already I just didn't getting around to adding it to the page its one of favorite image of Bart Allen. But please continue to come and visit my Flash site here and your welcome to do the same type of editing you do here on the Green Lantern Wiki site. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12

Your Gallery Page Partner Edit

Hey Superman Prime I just wanted to let you know remember I told you with The Flash site another User has the same Staff Member Job Title that user is DCaddict. DCaddict and you will be Partners on all the Gallery Pages on The Flash Site in the area of creating and editing them so basically you 2 are incharge of the Gallery Pages on my site for The Flash. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12

Hello Edit

Hey, hows it going. Im SonicSpeedster912. I have been doing some editing work here on flash wiki for a while, and Rod12 has named me Co-Comic Book Issue Page Creator, Researcher and editor, so thought id stop by and say hello!

thanks, see you around, and Merry Christmas --SonicSpeedster912 22:13, December 21, 2010 (UTC)

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