United States Army
Wade Eiling Clancy Brown
General Information
Founder(s): United States of America
Leader(s): President of The United States
Current Members: Wade Eiling
John Diggle
Harold Hadley
Sergeant Bates
Former Members: Frank Rock
Lyla Michaels
Floyd Lawton
Bette Sans Souci
Matthew Shrieve
Ted Gaynor
Baron Reiter
Andy Diggle
Ezra Barnes
Lieutenant Joyner
Status: Active
Base of Operations: United States of America



The United States Army also known as The US Army or Army is The Military Army of The United States of America. The Military also has a very close working partnership with The USA Government Organization known as A.R.G.U.S. with some of their Former Soldiers joining the organization after their time in The Army has ended. They have two well known Leaders in recent years within their ranks Wade Eiling and Matthew Shrieve. Also they had a one point three well known Special Forces Soldiers within their ranks as well before they left The Military and they were Lyla Michaels, John Diggle and Ted Gaynor. Recently they've had regular dealings with the rise of Vigilante Heroes and Villains along with the birth of Metahumans as special operations and possible threats that's required their attention.





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