Trick Arrows
Oliver Queen Stephen Amell-3
General Information
Official name: Trick Arrows
First Appearance: The Flash
Type: Weapon
Used by: Oliver Queen
Roy Harper
Thea Queen



The Trick Arrows are a specialized weapons used by Green Arrow. The variety of Trick Arrows are used in many different ways in Green Arrow's war a crime in Starling City. They are along with his main Hunting Arrow and Arrow Flechettes are a signature weapon of his arsenal.

List of Trick Arrows

  • Router Arrow
  • Grappling Hook Arrow
  • Voice Recording/Listening Arrow
  • Ensnarement Arrow
  • Flashbang Arrow
  • Explosive Arrow
  • Flare/Flame Burst Arrow
  • Tranquilizer Mini Dart Arrow
  • Incendiary Arrow
  • Remote Detonator Arrow
  • Syringe Arrow
  • Electric Arrow


The Flash


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  • Coming Soon

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