Henry Hewitt Demore Barnes
General Information
Real name: Henry Hewitt
Media: The Flash
Portrayed by: Demore Barnes



Henry Hewitt also known as Tokamak is a Metahuman from Central City. Before realizing he was a Metahuman he was known as Doctor Henry Hewitt a well known Scientist with several degrees from Hudson University. However he also has a well known anger issues with resulted in a criminal record of several charges.

The Rise of Tokamak

When The Flash and his Team were trying to help Martin Stein find a new partner to help stabilize The Firestorm Matrix he along with Jefferson Jackson were the two candidates to to help solve the issue. However even though he and Martin Stein matched each other in personal backgrounds as scientist they were not able to join together and create a new Firestorm Team. Angry for happen his Metahuman Powers soon appeared and he soon went after and attacked Caitlin Snow and Jefferson Jackson trying to kill them. However the two ended up escaping enraged for failing he next attacked the local football stadium that was the former school of Jefferson Jackson. However soon Jefferson Jackson and The Flash arrived teamed up together and stopped him by overloading his power and getting him more angry. After being stopped he was placed in The Pipeline until he would calm down and agree to forget all he saw in the last few days.

Powers and Abilities



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The Flash


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