The Trickster
James Jesse Mark Hamill
General Information
Real name: James Jesse
Media: The Flash
Portrayed by: Mark Hamill



James Jesse also known as The Trickster is the first known criminal of Central City to be known by that name. 20 Years Ago he was active within the city and considered a highly dangerous threat to the city before he was eventually arrested and sent to Iron Heights Prison where he's been held prisoner for the last 20 Years. Recently he learned from Barry Allen and Joe West that he is no longer the only criminal known as The Trickster a new criminal named Axel Walker has taken up his old name.

Powers and Abilities

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The Flash


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  • This is Mark Hamill's 3rd Appearance as The Trickster, He made his debut in The Original The Flash (1990 TV Series) Live Action Series. Where he Guest starring twice and then returning to the role once more this time providing the Voice as an Animated Version of The Character in an Episode of Justice League Unlimited that was The Flash Centric and Featured Several Members of The Rogues.

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