"War Games"
The Savage Hawkman Vol 1-10 Cover-1
General Information
Series: The Savage Hawkman (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 10
First Published: June 27, 2012
Previous Issue: The Savage Hawkman #9
Next Issue: The Savage Hawkman #11

Synopsis for "War Games"

As Hawkman fights Xerxes’s warriors at an abandoned hockey rink, Xerxes uses the fight to showcase Hawkman’s Nth Metal to potential buyers. After a difficult fight, Hawkman defeated four of his five enemies, and only one, Ironside the leader of the hunters who attacked him earlier, remains. Ironside has the advantage, saying that his henchmen were merely weakening Hawkman so that he could be easily defeated. If he defeats Hawkman, he will earn his freedom. Despite this, Hawkman defeats Ironside. Hawkman demands Xerxes that he be released, but Xerxes replies that he will keep fighting or Emma will be hurt. Hawkman’s next fight will be against Xerxes himself. As they fight, Xerxes gets the upper hand and Hawkman is on the brink of exhaustion. Xerxes plans to call off the auction and keep the Nth Metal for himself. But while Xerxes gloats, Hawkman counterattacks and defeats him. With Xerxes defeated, Hawkman breaks Ironside’s armor, causing an explosion on the ceiling that allows Hawkman to escape with Emma. As Hawkman and Emma flee, Xerxes promises that he and Hawkman will meet again. The next day, Hawkman returns to the fighting place, hoping to find clues about the buyers and how they found out about the Nth Metal, but the place is empty. Carter goes to the Royal Motel where he and Emma have been hiding. He booked a passage for them in a freighter, hoping to throw potential enemies off their trail. Meanwhile, at a hotel room, an unidentified man who watched Hawkman’s fight with Xerxes talked with a mysterious contact, reporting Xerxes’s failure and requesting to contact a mysterious party called the Kherubim Mongrel. During their conversation, it is revealed that many human parties are aware and searching for Hawkman’s Nth Metal. As Carter and Emma arrive at the docks, an assassin named Pike prepares to attack stating it is his destiny to kill Hawkman. To be continued…

Appearing in "War Games"

Featured Characters

Supporting Characters


Other Characters

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  • Earth
    • Royal Motel



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