The Rival
The Rival Todd Lasance
General Information
Real name: Edward Clariss
Media: The Flash
Portrayed by: Todd Lasance



Edward Clariss also known as The Rival was a Metahuman criminal Villain and Former Member of The Thunderbolt Agents‎‎ who was based in Central City. He first became a well known Villain during The FlashPoint Timeline and was an arch enemy of Kid Flash however he was killed by Joe West and then completely erased from existence when The Flash changed the timeline again. However as a result of The Flash once again changing the timeline he was brought back to life and brought back into existence once again however this time without his Metahuman Powers.

The New Rogues and Death

The start of the new timeline he was contacted by Doctor Alchemy twice who offered him a chance to regain his Metahuman Powers he had during The FlashPoint Timeline and join Doctor Alchemy's Team The Thunderbolt Agents‎‎. He accepted his offer and with that The Rival was Reborn his first mission was to take on The Flash and kill him. The two Metahuman Speedsters battled and even Doctor Alchemy entered the battle as well to help take down The Flash which nearly succeed. However just as he was about to kill The Flash he was stopped by Vibe who along with The Flash worked together and defeated him locking him up in Iron Heights Prison in their Metahuman wing of their facility. However during the night he was killed by Savitar for his failure during his War with The Flash.

Powers and Abilities




The Flash


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