The Mist
The Mist Anthony Carrigan
General Information
Real name: Kyle Nimbus
Media: The Flash
Portrayed by: Anthony Carrigan



Kyle Nimbus also known as The Mist was Former Hitman for The Darbinyan Crime Family a local Crime Family in Central City. However at some unknown point he was betrayed by them which resulted him getting arrested by Detective Joe West. During his trial The Darbinyan Crime Family testified against him and Judge Theresa Howard sentenced him to death by lethal injection. On the night he was scheduled to be executed it was also the same day of the activation of S.T.A.R. Labs's Particle Accelerator. During execution while most people he was dead and the execution was a success in fact they were all wrong he was brought back from the dead as a Metahuman gaining powers. Letting everyone still believe he was dead after the execution he escaped the morgue of Iron Heights Prison and swore revenge on all the people that caused his execution.

The Mist

Kyle began his rampage of revenge with The Darbinyans, slaughtering all of them at a family meeting with his poisonous gas, due to their involvement in his execution. Following this, his next target was Judge Howard, who had convicted him, whom he killed in an elevator at the mall, while she was shopping for her daughter's prom dress. The final target of his revenge spree was Detective Joe West, who had arrested him, who ironically enough was visiting Iron Heights at the time. After beginning to kill West, he escaped from the prison with The Flash in pursuit, whom was able to suffocate him by using his super speed to keep him in gas form, thereby depriving him of oxygen, until he fell unconscious. Once he awoke he discovered that he was a prisoner of The Particle Accelerator turned makeshift Metahuman Prison under S.T.A.R. Labs and furiously tried to get out.

Powers and Abilities



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  • Power Loss: Nimbus can only stay in his gaseous state for a short period of time before having to return to his solid state. Whenever he needs to catch his breath, he is vulnerable to attack.


The Flash


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