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The Flash Family

  • Barry Allen is set to appear in a recurring role on The 2nd Season of The TV Show Arrow.
  • A pilot has been ordered for a new Live Action TV Series for The Flash. It is in active development by the creative team of The TV Series Arrow. The Flash that will appear and be the main focus of this TV Series will be Barry Allen. Writer Geoff Johns is also helping out with the Writing and development of this New TV Series.
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Evan McCulloch

The second Mirror Master, a Scottish man named Evan McCulloch, took on the name and role of his predecessor, Sam Scudder, after he died in the Crisis. Evan was raised in an orphanage after being abandoned by his parents. At the orphanage there was a bully who would torment one of the other children each night. One unfortunate night, he picked Evan. He brought Evan to the creek nearby where Evan fought back and committed his first murder, drowning the bully's head in the water while staring into his own reflection. Later in life, Evan became a hitman for hire, but on one job, he was assigned a task he would regret for the rest of his life. He positioned himself with a sniper rifle on a rooftop and without a second thought, pulled the trigger on the man he was hired to murder only to discover it was his father. He broke down into tears and then attended his funeral before following his mother to her home where he found her dead, having committed suicide.


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