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how much I hate niggers. I Just got back from Walmart was picking up some food...I went to check out and was paying with my discover card which has an American flag on it, well the machine wasn't reading the card...Well apparently food stamp cards look like my credit card so the lovely fat Negress behind the counter..talking so loudly like niggers do, said "you probly aint got no mo money on you ebt card shuga" I looked at her and said "what!" She replies "yo food stamps" i said "no its a credit card"...she says "you aint got to lie shuga we all hurtn now a days"..I looked at her and handed her my card and said "see the top it says D.I.S.C.O.V.E.R not free hand out card"..she ran it on her end and it went through..All I'm getting at is that nigger culture which has been the same for years is now seeping more than ever into white culture I'm proud of the fact i have good credit and a nice place to live and a nice car I have pride in the things i own but now it seems no matter what race you are its the social norm to accept handouts and be lazy.GOD DAMN IT WHAT HAPPENED TO WHITE PRIDE!! I see it all the fucking time whites with food stamps when my wife was in college she worked at a circle k gas station..she would come home and tell me about how people would come in and buy 20 bucks worth of candy with there food stamps whites acting the same as the Mexicans..and it breaks my fucking heart to see this whites being complacent with there shity lives they stay drunk and smoke weed and hang out with blacks and Mexicans and blare rap from there speakers and it fucking kills we as a white race are so much better than this...Fuck wake up white people are race is fucking dead(im aware im preaching to the choir cut me some slack im venting)if we keep this up!!!! god damn-it .

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