The Flash
The Flash The Road to FlashPoint-10 Cover-1
General Information
Series: The Flash (Volume 3)
Issue Number: 10
First Published: March 9, 2011
Previous Issue: The Flash #9
Next Issue: The Flash #11

Synopsis for "Case Two: The Road to Flashpoint Part Two"Edit

The Flash The Road to FlashPoint-10 Cover-2

The Flash: The Road to FlashPoint Issue #10 Cover-2

At the dock where the strange motorcycolist, now revealed to be Hot Pursuit, is unmasked, The Flash (Barry Allen) stands amazed to discover that Hot Pursuit is actually Barry Allen. Well, from another Earth. He explains that where he's from, HE is the fastest man alive. He tells The Flash that some wierd anomaly is about to alter the history of Earth one, therefore, all of the others as well. Suddenly, Kid-Flash (Bart Allen) rushes in tward them. Bart tells The Flash, that he's here to check on him because he wasnt at the family picnic. Hot Pursuit then begins to talk about how Bart is from the future. Barry Allen then procedes to say that Bart came to the past to learn more about his connection to the Speed Force. But Bart says that he actually came to the past because the future is lame. Hot Pursuit continues to say that because Bart is from the future, he could cease to exist because of this anomaly. Soon after Barry asks how they can help, however, Hot Pursuit only wishes to work alone. He takes off, with The Flash following close behind. But somehow, the Cosmic Motorcycle pulles the Speed Force right out of Barry, and he falls to the ground. When Bart catches up to him he automatically assumes that he is going to help Barry, but he refuses. Bart then says that Barry is no better than Hot Pursuit, then begins to question Barry's absence from the picnic even further, and says that the only reason Barry wasn't there, is because Bart was there. He then runs off.

Later, back as Barry Allen, he is in his crime lab, Analyzing some DNA he pulled From Hot Pursuit. The analysis confirms that he is Barry Allen. Soon after, Patty Spivot walks in, and after a Small reunion, Barry asks her to help with the case regarding the Elongated Kid. But, she declines, saying that because she no longer works at the crime lab, she cant get involved. Then, Barry gets a call from David Singh. They have another body. At the crime scene, they notice that he, like the Elongated Kid, lookes very old, however, he is identified as 30 year old, Airman Jay Nicolosi, because he has a wallet on him. and near the crime scene they find a rut in the ground that looks like a tire track. Then, something in the distance gets there attention, its a little boy... a witness.

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