The Flash: Rebirth #2
The Flash Rebirth-2 Cover-1
General Information
Series: The Flash: Rebirth
Issue Number: 2
First Published: DC Comics
Previous Issue: The Flash: Rebirth #1
Next Issue: The Flash: Rebirth #3

Synopsis for "Dead Run"

In the Balkan Mountains, Lady Flash conducts a ritual in an attempt to contact Savitar. The lightning created by the process kills her fellow cultists, and Lady Flash witnesses a series of images displaying Savitar's death at Barry Allen's unwitting hands.

The Flash Rebirth-2 Cover-2

The Flash: Rebirth Issue-2 Cover-2

After Green Lantern arrives and quarantines Savitar's remains, Barry hurries home to talk to Wally about the deceased villain. He sees a police car outside of Iris' house and flashes back to the day they first met (revealed to be the same day on which he would gain his powers, which is again contrary to her first appearance in comics, where during their meeting one day after Allen's accident she says Barry's always late, meaning she has known him for a while) after the trial of Sam Scudder. It is also revealed that, even after his father's death in prison, Barry never stopped investigating the murder of his mother in the hopes of proving his father's innocence. Barry arrives at Iris' home and meets with police captain Frye. Thanks to Wonder Woman and her government connections, the outside world believes that Barry has been in witness protection during the years he was missing. It is then that Barry receives a phone call from Wally and learns of the "speed seizures" the other super-speedsters experienced.

Barry and Wally race to Fallville, Iowa to investigate a mysterious lightning storm taking place over the town. They discover the remains of the Black Flash, and try to figure out what happened to him. However, the pair are attacked by Lady Flash, her powers amplified by the sacrifice of her fellow cultists. As soon as Barry touches her, though, she disintegrates in the same fashion as Savitar.

After Lady Flash dies, Barry's costume begins to transform. As Wally watches in horror, Barry turns into a new Black Flash.

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