Samantha Clayton
Samantha Clayton Anna Hopkins
General Information
Real name: Samantha Clayton
Media: The Flash
Portrayed by: Anna Hopkins



Samantha Clayton is a woman who had an affair with Oliver Queen that caused him to cheat on Laurel Lance as a result of the affair she got pregnant with a son named William Clayton. However instead of telling Oliver Queen the truth about his kid she was paid by Oliver Queen's own Mother Moira Queen to tell her son she lost the child and moved away to Central City.

Affair with Oliver Queen

When Oliver Queen was young and dating Laurel Lance he cheated on her with Samantha Clayton but accidentally got her pregnant. Finding out the news he became very distressed and told his mom the news of what happened. Hearing the news his mother set up a meeting with Samantha Clayton wanting to talk with her and discuss the matter of what had happened between Oliver Queen and her. Moira Queen soon made Samantha Clayton an offer of paying her to tell Oliver Queen she lost the child and move away to Central City. Unsure about accepting the offer she eventually agreed and after the meeting called Oliver Queen telling him she lost the kid and she was moving away. Unaware of the deal Samantha Clayton and his mother made and the real truth about his kid he was sad to learn that he wasn't going to be a Dad.

Meeting Oliver Queen Again

One day while entering CC Jitters Samantha Clayton bumped into Oliver Queen they briefly talked and she told him she was sorry to hear what happened to his mother. Oliver Queen apologized to her for not getting in touch with her after their affair. The two soon said goodbye to one another as Oliver Queen left Samantha Clayton went to get hot chocolate and called her son saying she would be home soon.

Powers and Abilities

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The Flash



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