Quentin Lance
Joe West Jesse L. Martin and Quentin Lance Paul Blackthorne-1
General Information
Real name: Quentin Lance
Media: The Flash
Legends of Tomorrow
Portrayed by: Paul Blackthorne
Equipment: Gun
Transportation: Car



Quentin Lance Born Quentin Larry Lance in 1962 is The Ex Husband of Dinah Drake Lance and The Father of Laurel Lance and Sara Lance. He is Currently a Member of The Starling City Police Department where he holds The Rank of Captain. His Former Ranks within The Department have been Officer, Sergeant and Detective he is also The Former Partner of the late Detective Lucas Hilton as well.

The Cold Case of Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan

Recently Joe West of The Central City Police Department and Cisco Ramon of S.T.A.R. Labs came from Central City to Starling City looking for help in looking into a old Cold Case of the car crash of Harrison Wells and the death of his fiance Tess Morgan. The two went to Starling City Police Department for help where they met Quentin Lance he soon agreed to help them. The three of them went to the crash site of where the accident happen they soon began investigating while he and Joe West began talking about their daughters Cisco Ramon began searching the area with some advance technology he soon found Tachyons in the area which soon lead the three of them the body of the true Harrison Wells. After discovering the body he was soon advised by Joe West against doing that in fear of what would happen if he got involved in this situation. Soon after returning to the station the three said goodbye to one another but before Joe West left he gave some friendly helpful advice to Quentin Lance on how to help his relationship with his Daughter Laurel Lance which he thanked him for and watched the two head out and back to Central City.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Cardiac Condition: As a result of injuries occurred while fighting Slade Wilson's army, Quentin suffered a heart attack and subsequently developed a heart condition. He takes pills for his condition.
  • Alcoholism: Lance had a drinking problem after Sara's presumed death and admitted he began drinking again after her actual death.


The Flash

Legends of Tomorrow



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