Plastique Kelly Frye
General Information
Real name: Bette Sans Souci
Media: The Flash
Portrayed by: Kelly Frye



Bette Sans Souci also known as Plastique is Former Soldier and Bomb Disposal Expert who use to serve in Iraq under the command of General Wade Eiling. Some time after she came back home to Central City from her tour of duty she was effected by energy released from The Particle Accelerator. As a result of The Event she was turned into a Metahuman and given powers that gives her the ability to turn anything she touches into an explosive device.


However given these new powers has made her a target by her Former Commanding Officer General Wade Eiling who is leading a Black Ops U.S. Government Special Unit who are trying to capture her and turn her into a human weapon. Lucky enough she soon finds an ally in another Metahuman The Flash.

Powers and Abilities

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The Flash


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