General Information
Real name: Mopee
First Appearance: The Flash #167
Created by: Gardner Fox
Carmine Infantino
Sid Greene



Imp-like “Heavenly Help-Mate” who claimed that he gave Flash Barry Allen his speed. Supposedly, Mopee directed the lightning bolt to hit his window. Years later, he was sent back to Earth to remove those powers because of a technicality: The police department, not Barry, owned the chemicals that splashed him. The Flash convinced Mopee to check the rule book, and he found a solution: if the Flash could buy the equivalent chemicals, he could keep his powers. However, he had to earn the money as the Flash, not as Barry Allen. The Flash succeeded, and Mopee restored his powers.


  • Mopee’s tale has been removed from The Flash's continuity.


  • Mopee’s appearance has been compared to actor Woody Allen, though it's reportedly based on long-time Flash editor Julius Schwartz.

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