Mister Terrific #5
Mister Terrific Vol 1-5 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Mister Terrific
Issue Number: 5
First Published: January 11, 2012
Previous Issue: Mister Terrific #4
Next Issue: Mister Terrific #6

Synopsis for "In Veritas"

On the Kryl slave ship, Mister Terrific leads a group of rebellious slaves in fighting against their captors. He releases all of the slaves in order to increase their numbers, and eventually, the Kryl are beaten back. However, despite the relative ease with which he was able to release the other slaves, there is one chamber at the end of the corridor which is sealed off. Michael and the warrior-giant Urdron debate over whether it is something dangerous or of tactical value. Meanwhile, they realize that the Kryl's retreat is not out of fear, but abandon. Rather than allow their slaves to go free, they will evacuate the ship and then destroy it with all of their slaves still on board. Michael believes that whatever the Kryl are keeping in the sealed chamber could be what saves them, and he manages to persuade his compatriots to that effect. Inside the chamber, they are surprised to find only a young, female alien named Py'lothia. After equipping her with a translator, they discover that she feels as though she deserves her negative treatment, cryptically stating that she is cursed. After some pressing, she explains that her species is born with either the ability to absorb energy as a female, or to manipulate and expel energy as a male. She was born with both male and female characteristics, and has not yet chosen a gender. To her people, this was an aberration, and her own parents sold her to the Kryl. Michael believes that despite not having chosen a gender for herself, Py'lothia likely already has the capacity to access both of her species' abilities. Despite being taught that she must be either one or the other, he persuades her to accept her dual nature. Meanwhile, the Kryl prepare to destroy the ship, having fully evacuated it. Again, Michael turns to Py'lothia, and convinces her that if she puts her mind to it, she can use her abilities to absorb the energy of the Kryl's blasts, and save all of the captives. She determines to give it a try, and when the Kryl's blast comes, she is successful, and their lives are all saved. Afterwards, Michael returns to his T-Sanctuary and leaves Py'lothia to return to her home to save others like her, while Urdron leads the others in a war against the Kryl. Elsewhere, in Portland, Holt Industries' rival Stephen Wyzeck receives a call informing him that Michael Holt plans to announce who his successor is going to be.

Appearing in "In Veritas"

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Supporting Characters


Other Characters


  • Ninth Dimension
    • T-Sanctuary
  • Oregon
    • Portland



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