Mister Element
Mister Element Alexander Petrov
General Information
Real name: Alexander Petrov
First Appearance: The Flash (Vol 2) #202
Created by: Geoff Johns
Alberto Dose
Affiliations: Keystone City Police Department
Abilities: Criminology



Alexander Petrov also known as Mister Element or Mr. Element is a Former Member of The Keystone City Police Department where he was a criminologist and a Former criminal assassin. In order to advance his career he uses one of weapons Albert Desmond used as Mister Element to freeze the lab supervisor solid. Petrov is promoted to replace the dead supervisor and discovers he likes the thrill of killing. He continues to eliminate members of the department he sees as "threats" to his position using the weapon and ice based effects. He uses the effects and his position as head of the crime lab to shift suspicion to Captain Cold. His plan comes undone when profiler Ashley Zolomon enters his office as he is putting on his mask. The Flash is able to stop him from killing her but Captain Cold interrupts them before The Flash can take him into custody. Cold kills Petrov for breaking The Rogues' code of "ethics" framing another Rogue for your own crimes.

Powers and Abilities


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