Lazarus Pit
Sara Lance Caity Lotz Ra's al Ghul Matt Nable Hawkgirl Ciara Renee Rip Hunter Arthur Darvill and Martin Stein Victor Garber
General Information
Official name: Lazarus Pit
First Appearance: Legends of Tomorrow
Type: Supernatural Pool
Used by: Formerly:
Ra's al Ghul
Sara Lance
Thea Queen



The Lazarus Pit is a piece of Supernatural Equipment used by Ra's al Ghul The Leader of The League of Assassins Currently located in Nanda Parbat the home base of the Team. The Pit is a Pool like Pit that has a natural phenomenon that possesses restorative properties that instantly heals injuries and even granting immortality. As of right only one Pit is currently known of along with just Ra's al Ghul as it's only User.


Legends of Tomorrow


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