KGBeast George Klimovich
General Information
Real name: Anatoli Knyazev
Media: Legends of Tomorrow
Portrayed by: David Nykl
George Klimovich (Young)
Transportation: Formerly:



Anatoli Knyazev also known KGBeast is the leader of Solntsevskaya Bratva. He is also a old friend of Oliver Queen who he made member of his organization along with giving him on of his organizations highest ranks which is Captain. This honor he gave to Oliver Queen do to some point in the past Oliver Queen saved his life.

Prisoner of Amazo

At some point in his past he was taken prisoner on board the ship known as Amazo. Some time later he meets Oliver Queen for the first time after he is taken prisoner on board the ship as well. After Oliver Queen is shot he tells him the reason he was shot was a test to see if he is strong to prove his point he shows Oliver Queen his own gun shot wound he received.

Powers and Abilities

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Legends of Tomorrow


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