Justice League: Generation Lost
Justice League Generation Lost Volume 1 Brightest Day Teaser Poster
General Information
Type: Limited Series
Total Issues: 24
Published: May 12, 2010
Creators: Keith Giffen
Judd Winick
Aaron Lopresti
Joe Bennett
Fernando Dagnino
Tony Harris
J.D. Mettler
Kevin Maguire
Cliff Chiang
Dustin Nguyen


Spinning out of The Brightest Day, DC's New Biweekly Event begins here! Someone is targeting The Old Members of the defunct Justice League International. Now, surviving Members Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire and Ice have to figure out what unseen mastermind is threatening to destroy the entire Super Hero community!

Justice League Generation Lost (Volume 1) Story Arcs

  • Coming Soon

Justice League Generation Lost (Volume 1) Issues


  • This Brightest Day Tie in Limited Series was Originally announced to be a Grand Total of 26 Issues but it was later changed while The Series was going on to just 24 Issues Total.


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