"The Treasure Of The Talking Head!"
Hawkman Vol 1-14 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Hawkman (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 14
First Published: July 1, 1966
Previous Issue: Hawkman (Vol 1) #13
Next Issue: Hawkman (Vol 1) #15

Synopsis for "The Treasure Of The Talking Head!"

In India, 273 B.C., nine brilliant scientists created a secret society, the Nine Unknowns, and invented a computer in the form of a bronze talking head powered by a solar lamp. It was stolen and never recovered, although legend had it that the head was destroyed during the reign of Pope Sylvester II (A.D. 999-1003). In the present, CAW agents attempt to lure Hawkman and Hawkgirl to their deaths, but are stymied by the intrusion of an agent for today's Nine Unknowns. He comes to Midway City to gain the aid of the Winged Wonders, and helps prevent CAW's agents from finding the head. The head's possessor would gain knowledge of the Unknowns' lost treasures and inventions, and it could also give them world control, so Hawkman uses the Absorbascon to locate the head and its lamp. Katar goes to Paris to retrieve the head from an antique shop, while Shayera travels to Bangkok for the lamp. Both find that their quarry is out of reach; the head was stolen while CAW was attacking Midway City Museum, while the lamp is worshiped in a temple and is protected by lamas. Hawkman overcomes the CAW agents and acquires the head, while Hawkgirl fulfills the prophecy to gain the lamp. They drain off radiation from the relics which could be tracked, and the head reveals the long-lost locations of the treasures and inventions. They are unaware that they've also drained off CAW-exposed radiation from their bodies which was to be triggered by electronic signal to kill them, in order to steal their Absorbascon. When the signal has no effect, CAW vows further acts of vengeance.

Appearing in "The Treasure Of The Talking Head!"

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