Gorilla Grodd
Gorilla Grodd YJ
General Information
Real name: Grodd
Appearances: Young Justice


Early LifeEdit

The Brain and Ultra-Humanite took over control of Solovar's group, and enslaved all its gorillas with inhibitor collars. Like the other adults, Grodd was experimented upon with Kobra-Venom, which greatly improved his strength. He was also given brain enhancements that increased his intelligence. It also gave him telepathic abilities, a side effect unforseen by their tormentors. Solovar and Grodd became peons of Brain and Ultra-Humanite, who made sure they did not rebel by capturing their children.

Young JusticeEdit

In Young Justice #18: "Monkey Business", Grodd was summoned by Ultra-Humanite along with Solovar and several other Kobra-Venom enchanced gorillas to ambush The Team and Wolf. Grodd and Solovar seized them and gave them inhibitor collars, though Miss Martian escaped capture when she was knocked out by an unknown force. Grodd stared intimidating at Wolf, who then ran away into the jungle. Grodd and Solovar brought the captives to Brain. Brain still wanted Wolf and Miss Martian to be captured, so he gave infrared goggles to them to find Miss Martian and were send out. Grodd, Solovar and several gorillas confronted Miss Martian and as she woke up, Grodd demanded her help. After Solovar told M'gann the story of how their troop came by their telepathic powers, Grodd was astonished and indignant to discover that the powerful telepath now before them was not the team leader. Despite it, M'gann agreed to help the troop get their children back and re-take their freedom. When Superboy was freed, he punched Grodd, not aware the ape was an ally. It sparked anger in Grodd, but both were calmed when Miss Martian explained the plan. With Gorilla City destroyed and the humans who had enslaved their troop gone, Grodd was happily reunited with his mate, Primat, and their child Simeon. While Solovar mused on what their family would do now that they were free and Congorilla was away exploring the jungle, Grodd mused to himself that perhaps now there was a new future in store in which he could have a larger role.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Telepathy


Young JusticeEdit

  • Young Justice #18: "Monkey Business"
  • Young Justice #19: "Gorilla Warfare"

See AlsoEdit


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