Genome Recoder
Genome Recoder
General Information
First Appearance: The Flash Annual (Vol 4) 1
Type: Device
Used by: The Rogues
Darwin Elias



The Genome Recoder is a eugenic sequencing device created by resident genius Darwin Elias, who invented it to scan and re-configure human biology at a genetic level. The device has the potential capacity to stabilize deteriorated genetic structures or even radically alter them turning baseline humans into Metahumans albeit with unstable (often unpredictable) ability sets. Elias built a miniature Re-Coder Device with similar effects as to its baseline original, The Flash used it as a means to manage his Speed Force output. Incorporating it into his costume as a type of pace maker to monitor how fast he was going ad avoid hitting light speed, lest he create tears in space-time because of his powers.


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