General Silverback
General Silverback-1
General Information
Real name: Silverback
First Appearance: The Flash (Vol 4) #9
Created by: Francis Manapul
Brian Buccellato
Affiliations: Gorilla City



General Silverback was one of the Gorillas in Gorilla City, loyal to Grodd. Turning from a shout of an intruder, Grodd saw a confused Flash standing in the middle of the arena, surprised that the Gorilla’s are able to talk. General Silverback states that he must be the messenger that was prophesied, but Grodd tells him that cannot be, as he can smell the fear coming off of him. After The Flash was captured, General Silverback listened as the elders planned to free the Flash in a bid to stop Grodd from exposing their civilization. Silverback warned Grodd and helped his leader kill the Elders.

Powers and Abilities

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In Other Media

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