Fred Chyre
Fred Chyre Al Sapienza
General Information
Real name: Frederick Chyre
Media: The Flash
Portrayed by: Al Sapienza



Frederick Chyre also known as Fred Chyre or Detective Fred Chyre was a Former Police Detective and Member of The Central City Police Department and he was also The Former Partner of Detective Joe West. He and his late father were both from Central City. He recently died at the hands of Clyde Mardon in gun shootout but he still remembered by all at the Central City Police Department with a memorial for him.

The Mardon Brothers

Some time in early 2014 he and his partner Joe west were assigned a bank robbery case at a local Central City Bank. They soon discover it was the work of The Mardon Brothers Older Brother Mark Mardon and Young Brother Clyde Mardon. With the help of Barry Allen he and his partner soon discovered they escaped to one of several near by farms around the city. After visiting each farm they came to last one on their list that needed to be search their he and his partner soon discovered Clyde Mardon. However soon after discovering Clyde Mardon a gun battle began resulting in Detective Fred Chrye being shot in the neck and bleeding to death. Both Mardon Brothers escaped and Fred Chrye died there on the scene. After the event a memorial for Detective Fred Chrye was up in the Central City Police Department in his honor.

Powers and Abilities


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The Flash


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