Fred Chyre
Fred Chyre-1
General Information
Real name: Frederick Chyre
First Appearance: The Flash (Vol 2) #164
Created by: Geoff Johns
Angel Unzueta
Affiliations: Keystone City Police Department
Portrayed by: Al Sapienza



Beat Cop, Officer Fred Chyre has served with the Keystone City Police Department for well over 35 years. Officer Chyre is a good cop but with a serious anger problem, which has resulted in a number of suspensions and this has kept him as one of the oldest beat cops.

Keystone City Police Department

Officer Chyre was first partnered with his friend and mentor Joe Jackam, who taught him everything he would need to know. Joe’s granddaughter, Julie joined the force so Chyre offered to take her on as his partner. But Julie was killed in her home rather than in the line of duty. Chyre insisted on being part of the investigation into her death. Chyre and detective Jared Morillo located the Cicada cult and helped the Flash take down their leader. The Police Captain assigns Morillo and Chyre as partners, creating the new Department of Metahuman Hostility. The Captain placed the duo together because they did well on the Cicada case, but another reason was no one wanted to work with either of them. Despite their initial dislike, they have begun to respect each other. Officer Chyre is also determined to take care of Julie’s infant son Josh, even attempting to adopt him.

Powers and Abilities

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