FlashPoint: The Canterbury Cricket
FlashPoint The Canterbury Cricket-1 Cover-1
General Information
Series: FlashPoint
Issue Number: 1
First Published: June 29, 2011
Previous Issue: None
Next Issue: None

Synopsis for "The Scoundrel's Tale"Edit

A University Student named Jeramey Chriqui was once an arrogant con man. However that all changed when the Amazons attacked. With the campus being invaded, Jeramey sought refuge in Canterbury Cathedral. Tracked by an Amazon, Jeramey pleaded for his life to the Amazon and to God. In a flash the cathedral was bombed by overhead invisible jets, with Jeramey being the sole survivor. In silence, all that he heard was a chirp. Whether by way of a miracle or a curse, Jeramey had been transformed, and out from the rubble rose the Canterbury Cricket. Now that the Amazons have taken over the United Kingdom and declared it as New Themyscira. Jeramey is now the loyalist of the loyal to England and will fight to protect it until his very last breath. While their land is being used to prepare for war against the Atlanteans, where are the surviving people of England to turn? The Canterbury Cricket assembles a team called The Ambush Bugs to fight the Amazons, the team consist of bug liked heroes the members were Blue Beetle, The Cockroach, Queen Bee and Firefly. However all members of the team were killed and only Canterbury Cricket escaped. Soon a rebel group called The Resistance formed to help battle the Amazons one day the Canterbury Cricket rescues some resistance fighters. The Resistance members he saves are Etrigan, Lady Godiva, Wicked Jinny Greenteeth and Mrs. Hyde. While hiding from the Amazons in a bush the heroes learn about Canterbury Cricket's origins until the Amazons breach their hideout. The heroes and the Canterbury Cricket escape from the Amazons and he the joins The Resistance.

Appearing in "The Scoundrel's Tale"Edit

Featured CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit


Other CharactersEdit


  • England
  • Canterbury


  • Coming Soon



  • The Tag Line for this 1-Shot Issue is His Power Is His Curse!
  • This 1-Shot Issue is written by Mike Carlin with art and cover art done by artist Rags Morales.
  • The Cockroach's name is Franz.



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