FlashPoint: Project: Superman
FlashPoint Project Superman-3 Cover-1
General Information
Series: FlashPoint: Project: Superman
Issue Number: 3
First Published: August 24, 2011
Previous Issue: Project: Superman #2
Next Issue: None

Synopsis for "Battle's Eve"Edit

As a result of The Flash, Cyborg and Batman freeing Kal-El this resulted in the Subject Zero escaping the Phantom Zone because the power source holding him in the Phantom Zone was destroyed during the rescue. However Subject Zero was not the only one to escape the Phantom Zone General Sam Lane also escaped however he is quickly killed by Subject Zero. Seeing Doomsday's body near by Subject Zero absorbs all of his powers then begins his search for Kal-El. Meanwhile Kal-El who recently freed from his prison at Project: Superman is flying over the Atlantic Ocean lookig for Lois Lane who is currently in England. England is currently in a mess and has bodies in pieces all over the place as a result of the current war between the Amazons and Atlanteans. Kal-El eventually finds Lois Lane in the Westminster Palace and saves her from the Amazons after he saves her Kal-El wants to take her somewhere safe, but Lois Lane feels compelled to stay and finsh her mission.

However Subject Zero quickly arrives finding both Kal-El and Lois Lane talking and plans to kil both of General Sam Lane's "children" a fight between Kal-El and Subject Zero quickly begins. During the fight Subject Zero states he is on mission to become the only Superman and rid the entire world of all the powered aliens and he will be the one to protect the world. During the fight [[Lois Lane] tries to talk some sense in Subject Zero and also attempts to get Kal-El to run away and save himself. But during the fight Kal-El tells Lois Lane that her father told him once that "we have to protect the world from monsters" and right now thats what he has to do protect the world from Subject Zero. The fight quickly turns in favor of Kal-El as Subject Zero attempts to kill him along with trying to escape ends of failing as Kal-El remains persistant and doesn't give in. Eventually Kal-El ends the battle by punching through Subject Zero's chest killing him in a massive explosion. However Kal-El quickly sees that the explosion fatally injured Lois Lane. Before she dies Lois Lane tells Kal-El to keep fighting on not because of her but simply because its the right thing to do. After telling Kal-El what to do next she dies in his arms and he mourns her death. However the saddness of Lois Lane's death quickly turns to anger and then Kal-El states that "Today I must be a Superman".

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