FlashPoint: Legion of Doom
FlashPoint Legion of Doom-1 Cover-1
General Information
Series: FlashPoint: Legion of Doom
Issue Number: 1
First Published: June 15, 2011
Previous Issue: None
Next Issue: Legion of Doom #2

Synopsis for "Hot Blooded"Edit

Six months ago, the criminal known as Heatwave made what he though would be a play for his ultimate score - a shot at the power of Firestorm. In the process, he murdered a man and then accidentally set himself on fire. He was caught by the hero known as the Cyborg. Today, suffering from nerve damage, Heatwave has been sent to Queen's Row Penitentiary, a South Carolina prison owned and operated by Green Arrow Industries on behalf of the justice system. His fellow inmates think he will make a easy mark, but he swiftly disproves this theory by setting one challenger on fire. Promptly caught, he is put in solitary confinement. He is set to be executed for murder within the day. At the same time, a pair of new inmates are coming in. We see that human criminals are stripped of their technology upon entry, while superhuman criminals are depowered by Amazo and placed in neutralizing collars before they can recover. The prison is mostly controlled by two gangs, metas and non-metas. The guards believe no-one else has control of the action in the prison. However, Heatwave has noticed that despite the prison's reputation as inescapable, black market goods keep getting inside, and he suspects foul play. Since he cannot be held in solitary confinement so close to his execution, they let Heatwave out. He goes to meet one of the new inmates, the Cluemaster. He explains that after the injuries he sustained in his last crime, he has spent the last six months working on a plan of revenge. Step one is to escape, which requires something that Cluemaster had to carry in to the prison inside himself and with it, Mick Rory can prepare to escape the inescapable...

Appearing in "Hot Blooded"Edit

Featured CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit


Other CharactersEdit

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  • One piece of graffitti in the toilets reads Kryll. This may be a reference to the Kryll, an alien race who leach emotions from other beings to allow themselves to die.


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