FlashPoint: Grodd of War
FlashPoint Grodd of War-1 Cover-1
General Information
Series: FlashPoint
Issue Number: 1
First Published: June 15, 2011
Previous Issue: None
Next Issue: None

Synopsis for "Grodd of War"Edit

Gorilla Grodd, risen to ruler of Gorilla City after overthrowing Solovar and having taken control the entire continent of Africa, feels unfulfilled as his military endeavors seems too easy for him and eclipsed by the conflict between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. He tries to quench his boredom by having a 'sparing match' with one of his best warriors, Congorilla, a former human and obsessed gorilla rights activist who transferred his mind inside the body of a golden gorilla. Grodd puts his fury into Congorilla and goading him to strike back; however, Congorilla is rather shock by Grodd's violent tendency and stating that it doesn't seem fair. Upon hearing this, a provoked Grodd then savagely beats Congorilla before killing him by tearing his head off. Grodd then consider of leaving his home for Cape Town to kill a captured human resistance leader. Although his follower, Malavar, warns him that the roads to Cape Town are still dangerous with human insurgents, in which Grodd is nonchalant about the news. While driving to Cape Town in his presidential car, Grodd's escort are attacked and killed by the aforementioned insurgents. Grodd steps out his vehicle and confronts the insurgents, who are reveal to be child soldiers in which Grodd is not too impressed. Grodd uses his telepathic powers on the child soldiers in breaking their wills and taking control of one of them to kill his friends. As Grodd plans on killing the controlled child, he decide not to and instead letting him live in order for him to become a greater challenge in the future. Grodd later resume his travel to Cape Town and already suspects Malavar was behind the attack, but doesn't really bother to eliminate him for his treachery. He kills the resistance leader but ultimately finds nothing worth satisfying him in the end. He returns to his home and while silently contemplating to himself, finally decide to move his conquest in Europe, thus bringing him into the Atlantean Amazonian conflict that would fulfill his bloodlust.

Appearing in "Grodd of War"Edit

Featured CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit


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Other CharactersEdit


  • Africa
  • South Africa


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  • The Tag Line for this 1-Shot Issue is Africa Belongs To Him!
  • This 1-Shot Issue is written by Sean Ryan with art done by artist Ig Guara and cover art by artist Francis Manapul.



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