FlashPoint: Emperor Aquaman
FlashPoint Emperor Aquaman-1 Cover-1
General Information
Series: FlashPoint: Emperor Aquaman
Issue Number: 1
First Published: June 8, 2011
Previous Issue: None
Next Issue: Emperor Aquaman #2

Synopsis for "Part One"Edit

Emperar Aquaman swims, after just sinking Western Europe. It's a great feat. However, he still feels unsatisfied in his heart. Accompanied by one of his workers, Dr. Vulko, Aquaman points to a warhead and asks if anything is wrong with it. Dr. Vulko tells his that everything is perfect. Eleven months ago, in a British meeting, held by the Prime Minister, they discuss what could be accomplished by a royal wedding held between the two kingdoms. Atlantis, and Themyscira. However they now believe that it would not help them, but hurt them. And they also talk about how the Amazons are closing in around the English channel. The King then decides that they must become allies with the one man who can stop her. They must become allys, with Aquaman. Back to present day, in Atlantis, General Rodunn talks about the survivors of the attack on western Europe. he says that there are certain actions that he can take to ensure that they are destroyed, but before he could finish, Aquaman swims off. Prince Orm swims after him to try to talk to him. He asks what is wrong. says that he thought that he was grieving over M-, but Aquaman stops him right there. Telling him never to even say her name.

Ten Months ago, King Brion stands ready to make a deal, but Atlantien Assassins overtake the bridge, and Brion holds his own for a while, before Mera, saves him and defeats the assassins. Mera says that Aquaman has sent her to take him. that he has great plans for him, and apologizes for the gaurds, they were not with her. meanwhile, in atlantis, Aquaman watches them, closely. Back to present day, they discuss what happened after that. She takes them back for interigation, and the Amazons behead her.then, Prince Orm makes the mistake of saying "Mera", and Aquaman slaps him. Eight Months ago, where the treaty is going to be sighned, Neither King Brion, or Aquaman can be found. but their search is enterupted by an earthquake, one that causes a tsunami, that destroys western Europe. And Now in present day, holding Brion Captive, they are going to make them pay for what they have done to Mera.

Appearing in "Part One"Edit

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