Ronnie Raymond Robbie Amell
General Information
Real name: Ronnie Raymond
Media: The Flash
Portrayed by: Robbie Amell
Equipment: Firestorm Matrix



Ronald "Ronnie" Raymond also known as Firestorm was Mechanical Engineer who worked at S.T.A.R. Labs in Central City. He was engaged to be married to his fiance Caitlin Snow another Team Member of S.T.A.R. Labs. He and Caitlin Snow were also good friends with fellow S.T.A.R. Labs Team Member Cisco Ramon.

Heroes Sacrifice

On the night S.T.A.R. Labs's Particle Accelerator was turn on he was alongside his fiance and fellow Team Members Cisco Ramon and Harrison Wells. However some unknown error occured causing The Particle Accelerator to malfunction. Being the lead structural engineer on the building of The Particle Accelerator he and Cisco Ramon raced down to fix the problem and stop it from malfunctioning. However once he and Cisco Ramon arrived at The Particle Accelerator he realizes the only way to possible fix the problem or at least prevent the problem from getting any worse was by going inside The Particle Accelerator itself. He tells Cisco Ramon if he's not back in 2-Minutes close the door and lock him inside making sure the energy from The Particle Accelerator is contained and only released upward. Going inside he fixes the problem enough so any energy from any possible explosion will be released upward and not out however he's not able to do it within 2-Minutes and on his orders Cisco Ramon was forced to shut the door. Now trapped he said goodbye to his fiance Caitlin Snow then the chamber explodes presumed to have killed him.

Powers and Abilities


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