Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge
FC Rogues Revenge-3 Cover-2
General Information
Series: Final Crisis
Issue Number: 3
First Published: DC Comics
Previous Issue: Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge #2
Next Issue: The Flash: Rebirth

Synopsis for "Book Three"Edit

After Libra's ultimatum, the Rogues hold up in Weather Wizard's brother's old lab. While there, he mourns the death of his brother. Mirror Master eventually locates Zoom & Inertia and the Rogues ambush them during a training session. Piper enters the frey, immobilizing both sides and smashing in Mirror Master's teeth in retribution for the murder of his parents.

The fight is then interrupted by Libra who chastises Piper for his blasphemy in claiming he was a messenger New Genesis and then gives Weather Wizard an ultimatum - join him or he will kill his son. Weather Wizard says that if he was capable of killing his own brother, there's no way he wouldn't kill his son. Libra calls his bluff, but before this could be resolved Inertia kills the child and proclaims himself Kid Zoom.

Zoom is outraged by this, but Inertia turns on him, taking all of his powers and reverting him back to before he got his powers. He then proceeds to attack Libra, but the Rogues and Piper rally and attack Inertia all at once, killing him. Libra then tells them that after killing two speedsters (Inertia and Bart), they were ready to take on the returned Barry Allen in the name of Darkseid. The Rogues are stunned to learn of Barry's return, but turn down Libra, saying they want no part in what is sure to be Libra's defeat; as they leave, Libra shouts at them that evil will win the fight.

Afterwards, Piper turns himself in to the police and the Rogues' deliver Inertia's corpse to the police with a note to the Flash that they were now even. Back at their hideout, Cold scoffs at the idea of evil winning, stating he did not believe in true evil, merely different shades of gray. He then decided to put off retirement in order to not appear like quitters to Barry Allen to which all the other Rogues agree.

Meanwhile, a blur runs through the streets of Central City. Barry Allen is back...

Appearing in "Book Three"Edit

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