General Information
Real name: Neil Borman
First Appearance: The Flash: Iron Heights #1 (August, 2001)
Created by: Geoff Johns
Ethan Van Sciver
Portrayed by: Ryan Alexander McDonald



Neil Borman was a mason hired to do additional work at a nuclear plant during a nuclear test. During the test an explosion destroyed the floor that Borman and his colleagues were working on, they fell into the reactor cooling system, and Borman was the only survivor, but in consequence of the accident the molecular structure of his body was modified, turning it into a being composed of high energy electrons. Unfortunately Borman led his family to work, while he searched for them, he used his powers to help him search, without knowing he killed them with the radioactive emissions from his body along with several other people.

Prisoner of Iron HeightsEdit

Genuinely remorseful, he was imprisoned in Iron Heights Penitentiary, where he was used to power the prison with his new abilities. The Flash found out about the inhumane treatment of Fallout and the disastrous state of Iron Heights, and while he was unable to change the living conditions within, he managed to have the prison's systems changed so Fallout wouldn't have to suffer as the energy within his body was siphoned.

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