Elsa Mardon
Elsa Mardon
General Information
Real name: Elsa Mardon
First Appearance: The Flash (Vol 4) #9
Created by: Francis Manapul
Brian Buccellato



Elsa Mardon was married to Marco's brother, Claudio. When Claudio was 22, Elsa found out that he was going to broker a peace treaty with the rival cartel in Central City to unite the families and end the violence. However, Elsa also knew that he was going to have to give up major Mardon territory for this, thus weakening the Mardon family. Ambitious as she is, Elsa traveled to Central City and murdered her own husband and blamed it on the rival family to spark a war and, aware of his abilities, convinced Claudio's brother, Marco, to come back to the family and ultimately help her achieve her goals.


She sent "El Araña" to clean up Claudio's body. Unfortunately for her, "the Spider" was loyal to the Mardon family, so he left a fake ransom note at the scene and took Claudio's body. She had him kidnapped to prevent him from telling anyone. Later, she also had Patty Spivot, an employee of the Central City Police Department, kidnapped for looking into the cold case of Claudio's "kidnapping". When The Flash arrived and went after Marco for kidnapping Patty, Elsa revealed that she was the one who had her. Furious, Marco forced her to tell the truth. When she did, Marco let his emotions get to him and used his powers to strike both of them with lightning. While Marco awoke and survived because of the Golden Glider, Elsa was badly burned.

Powers and Abilities

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