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Captain Frye
Captain Frye
General Information
Real name: Darryl Frye
First Appearance: The Flash #285 (May, 1980)
Created by: Cary Bates
Don Heck
Affiliations: Central City Police Department



Darryl Frye is Captain of the Central City Police Department. One of his subordinates was Police scientist Barry Allen. Frye would occasionally adopt the costumed identity Captain Incredible and fight crime in the city. He has seen the crime lab division decline over the years from the best the Mid West had to offer, to a department mired in wrongful convictions and budget cuts. He is happy to see Barry Allen, one of his finest officers, coming back to work after an extended absence.

Powers and Abilities


  • None Known


  • Investigation
  • Criminology



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  • Coming Soon


  • Coming Soon

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In Other Media

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