General Information
Real name: David Hersch
First Appearance: Flash Vol 2 #170
Created by: Geoff Johns
Scott Kollins
Affiliations: Cicada Cult
Secret Society of Super-Villains II
Abilities: Draining life forces from others
Portrayed by: None


Early LifeEdit

During a thunderstorm sometime in the early twentieth century, David Hersch murdered his wife. Regretting what he had done, he sought to end his own life, only he was struck by lightning before he could carry it out, and he had a vision: He had been chosen to live forever, and he would bring his wife back as well. Hersch was able to transfer a person’s life force to himself to keep himself alive. Calling himself Cicada, he began accumulating followers, planning for the day when he would be able to resurrect his wife. Yet he and his followers faced a dilemma: to achieve his vision of immortality, he needed to sacrifice the lives of others. Cicada learned of the Flash, and saw in him a brother blessed by the lightning. And the Flash had been saving people’s lives. Here were people who, without the Flash’s interference, would have died anyway, and in Cicada’s mind, he could take their lives with a clear conscience. As the appointed day approached, Cicada sent his followers out through Keystone City, armed with daggers that collected life energy, killing those whom the Flash had saved. The killings overwhelmed the police, and the Flash was kept busy dealing with Magenta, who finally captured him and brought him their sanctum to witness the resurrection. Cicada succeeded, briefly, in bringing his wife back, only to have her reveal the truth of his original crime. The Flash broke free, and in the ensuing fight Cicada drained the life from all his followers. Cicada now resides in Iron Heights, living a simple life of contemplation and prayer. Of course, he may have a way out: During the battle, he slashed Detective Morillo with his dagger, granting the detective healing powers and establishing some sort of hold over him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Electrically charged human with uncharted regenerative abilities possessing the ability to steal the life-force of other living beings.


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  • Lightening Daggers: Hilted blade capable of absorbing the life force of its victims to be transferred to resurrect the dead.


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  • Coming Soon

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