General Information
Real name: Roy G. Bivolo
First Appearance: The Flash (Vol 1) #286
Created by: Cary Bates
Don Heck
Affiliations: Formerly:
The Rogues
Black Lantern Corps
Abilities: Color Manipulation
Portrayed by: Paul Anthony



Roy G. Bivolo also known as Chroma or Rainbow Raider was a wonderful painter from an early age. However, he was also color blind. His father, a famous optometrist, was determined to create a device that would allow his son to see in full color. Roy received this gift as his father died. However, it did not correct his vision. What the goggles did do was project beams of light that could become solid objects, make him invisible, blind his opponents, or affect the emotions of his opponents. Angered that he could not pursue a career in art, he chose crime instead, becoming one of The Flash Rogues Gallery Members known as Rainbow Raider. He also clashed with Batman and The Flash in partnership with Doctor Double X.

The Blackest Night

Eventually he was killed by Amunet Black, also known as Blacksmith. During The Blackest Night, he was soon revived as the newest member of the Black Lantern Corps. However he and the rest of The Flash Rogues Gallery that were Black Lantern Corps Members were eventually stopped by The Rogues.

Post FlashPoint

Chroma was one of The Flash Rogues Gallery Villains in Central City before it was taken over by Gorilla Grodd and his army of apes. When Tar Pit, Girder and Chroma appealed to Grodd for a share of control of the city, they were brutally murdered and their heads mounted on pikes.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Color Manipulation
  • Artistry



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  • Roy's initials read as "RGB", these letters correspond to the Red, Green Blue Visual Spectrum of Light.

See Also

In Other Media

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