Chillblaine IV
General Information
Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: The Flash (Vol 2) #112
Created by: Mark Waid
Anthony Castrillo
Affiliations: Formerly:



Chillblaine was The 4th of several unknown criminals that was given Captain Cold's Cold Gun by Captain Cold's Sister Golden Glider along with given the villain name of Chillblaine. However unlike the previous unknown criminals to hold the name Chillblaine this one was a criminal mercenary who caught to Golden Glider's M.0. with criminals with this villain name and their history. So he soon he soon entered a secret alliance with Abra Kadabra and Doctor Polaris and killed Golden Glider however as a result of this his alliance with Abra Kadabra and Doctor Polaris went bad and they killed him so they thought.

The Revenge of Captain Cold

Faking his Death by killing another unknown criminal called Chillblaine V he went into hiding from Captain Cold who he learned found out that he killed Captain Cold's Sister Golden Glider. However Captain Cold quickly caught on and hunted him down killing him and getting revenge for his sister.

Powers and Abilities

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In Other Media

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