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Central City Police Department
Central City Police Department
General Information
Leader(s): Captain Frye
Current Members: Barry Allen
Patty Spivot
James Forrest
David Singh
Kristen Kramer
Rebecca Janus
Detective Parker
Former Members: Albert Desmond
Angela Margolin
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Central City


Central City Police Department-1

Central City Police Department


Central City Police Department located in Central City and under the command of Darryl Frye it's also the place where Barry Allen works in the Departments Crime Lab under the command of David Singh. Other Members of the Department are Patty Spivot, James Forrest and Kristen Kramer. While Former Members are Albert Desmond and Angela Margolin. The Department is allies with The Flash and help him battle The Rogues and other The Flash Rogues Gallery Villains.



Central City Police Department-2

Central City Police Department


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