Booster Gold #26
Booster Gold Vol 2-26 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Booster Gold (Volume 2)
Issue Number: 26
First Published: November 11, 2009
Previous Issue: Booster Gold #25
Next Issue: Booster Gold #27

Synopsis for "Dead Ted: Part 1"

As Ted Kord is formed into a Black Lantern, a memory download takes place, briefly going over his becoming the Blue Beetle, his relationship with Booster Gold, and his ultimate death. Back at Rip Hunter's lab, Rip questions Skeets about Booster's apparent disappearance. Skeets decides to check with Jaime Reyes, suggesting a possible abduction by Black Beetle; however, it is shown that Booster has gone back in time to relive Ted Kord's funeral. Booster is apparently still distraught over his best friend's death, and watches his past self fail to be consoled by Diana. Booster of the present decides that he will press on in Ted's memory. Meanwhile, Skeets arrives in El Paso. Jaime is unaware of anything happening to Booster, but joins Skeets as they fly off to attempt to find Booster, although Skeets notes he has deactivated his homing beacon. In Metropolis, Daniel Carter's wife Rose is urging him to attend a cat show. Daniel is mercifully interrupted by Jaime and Skeets, only for all four of them to narrowly miss Ted Kord's ship smashing into the Carters' house. Ted, now a Black Lantern, emerges and attempts to claim Daniel's heart. After being stopped by Jaime, Ted makes a kill. Daniel, now in his Supernova costume, attempts to teleport Rose safely away, only to be shot by Ted's Beetle Gun. Soon after, Booster appears, only to find Ted, his hand at Daniel's heart. Booster stares in horror as Ted greets him.

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  • This Issue includes a Preview of JSA All-Stars #1.


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