Black Canary
Cisco Ramon Carlos Valdes and Dinah Laurel Lance Katie Cassidy
General Information
Real name: Dinah Laurel Lance
Media: The Flash
Legends of Tomorrow
Portrayed by: Katie Cassidy
Equipment: Canary Cry Bomb
Canary Cry
Extendable Bo Staff



Born Dinah Laurel Lance in 1984 also known simply as Laurel Lance and also known as Black Canary is The Oldest Daughter of Quentin Lance and Dinah Drake Lance and older sister of Sara Lance. She is also the ex girlfriend of Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn. She is currently a member of Team Arrow and second known gigilante hero to take on the name Black Canary. The first known vigilante eero to take upon the name Black Canary was her younger sister Sara Lance.

Meeting Cisco Ramon

When going to The Starling City Police Department to talk with her Father Quentin Lance about a case she meets Joe West and Cisco Ramon who were visiting from Central City and talking with her Father about needing some help with an old Cold Case. Knowing who Cisco Ramon was quickly pulled him aside and told him she knows everything who he is along with Barry Allen being The Flash and she is Black Canary. After calming Cisco Ramon down who got very excited from hearing this news she explains to him that she needs his help improving an advanced technology weapon her sister Sara Lance used when she was Black Canary. She shows him a Canary Cry Bomb and asks him if he can improve it and make it more powerful. He says he just needs a little while to create it. Some time later she meets with him again where he shows her The Canary Cry which he created and named. Thankful for his help, she gives him a gift for helping her which is a picture of him and her together with her in her Black Canary Suit.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Alcoholism:


The Flash

Legends of Tomorrow



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